The Forcato lighting company was founded in 2013, despite being a new reality, takes advantage of the owner's 40 years of work experience in the nautical and naval lighting sector.

We produce lights and lighting elements, including navigation lights approved according to current laws.
Our company stands out for the recognized quality of the items produced, which are always made to satisfy the particular requests of customers with the utmost scrupulousness in workmanship.
In addition to the variety of models in our catalogue, we create tailor-made products.

We have always worked with the most important construction sites in the country and around the world, guaranteeing excellent results with our expertise.

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Forcato lighting lights are the result of our technical experience, our specialization, the inventiveness and creativity of our work.

Our mission

Our commitment is to continuously improve the standard of workmanship of our products, with the use of materials suitable for long-lasting use on yachts, cruise ships, transport ships, ferries, work and pleasure boats.

Our goal is to provide high quality, efficient products designed to stand the test of time. By reducing the frequency of replacement and thanks to the use of recyclable materials we try to minimize our environmental impact, for a more eco-sustainable future.