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The Forcato lighting company was founded in 2013, despite being a new reality, takes advantage of the owner's 40 years of work experience in the nautical and naval lighting sector.


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During the design phase we consider all the problems that may be encountered on board, for this reason we always maintain direct contact with the customer, evaluating together the most suitable solution for its specific use.

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Our production process, through precision mechanical processing and a high level of craftsmanship of our collaborators, guarantees a product with attention to the smallest details in terms of shape and finish.

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Test & Delivery

We check the functionality of every single component. Thanks to a network of reliable and efficient logistics partners, we are able to ship and deliver our products all over the world.

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Forcato lighting lights are the result of our technical experience, our specialization, the inventiveness and creativity of our work.

Strip LED

After years of use, we have managed to select..

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